A Word From Dan

Hi, Readers!

Iím Dan, a late talker but I still managed to be an author.

In 2007, I published my book Ė Danís Dynamic Dictionary on Science.

I used to struggle through lessons that are boring by doodling in my books. That worked for me,
and through drawings, I am able to remember and retain what I had studied. That is one main reason why I have compiled all my illustrations into Danís Dynamic Dictionary on Science.
I believe that my book will be useful and interesting to those of you who have difficulty in understanding or remembering certain scientific terms and definitions.

I graduated in May 2012 with a Diploma in Molecular Biotechnology and also achieved a
Diploma Plus Certificate in Japanese.

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology at The University of Newcastle, with a major in Enterprise Information Technology and Software Development & Application.

Thank you very much for supporting my book. With your help, I have been able to channel a
portion of the sales proceeds to help the less fortunate. I have taken away so many valuable
lessons from this endeavour and I hope you will have an enjoyable time poring through
Danís Dynamic Dictionary on Science
as much as I did in producing it.

Best regards,