All About The Book

"Dan's Dynamic Dictionary on Science" is an exciting and fun Science reference just for teens!

Published in 2007, "Dan's Dynamic Dictionary on Science" has earned a quick following of avid readers at the primary and lower secondary school levels. Filled with dozens of eye-catching illustrations, all lovingly drawn by Dan himself, this Science dictionary is surely one of the most offbeat approaches to understanding your Science definitions.

This dictionary covers Science keywords and definitions accompanied with concise explanations that are easy enough for students of all levels to understand and remember. It includes drawings that are refreshing and comical which relate to the Science concepts explained. These illustrations are perfect for helping readers remember the subject. Dan’s Dynamic Dictionary on Science is also the first of its kind in Singapore!

Even if the concepts are too deep for younger learners, the colourful graphics are a sure way of keeping the little ones entertained. They’re never too young to learn! And for the older students, having all the definitions conveniently compiled into one dictionary makes revision a breeze.