Book Review

Dr KH Chia (Associate Professor)
National Institute of Education Singapore
This is an excellent book for all visual learners who understand scientific concepts best through pictures, diagrams and charts. A must have reference book for every home library!

Susan Thomas (Senior Teacher)
Ministry of Education Singapore
The author’s use of colourful and humorous illustrations to present and explain scientific terms is sure to entertain, engage and educate both children and adults. An excellent resource for both the home and school.

Patricia Mui Hoon Ng (Special Education Consultant)
Associate Fellow @ the Registry of Educational Therapists
The unique 3-D approach as stated on the cover - Daring, Different, and Dependable makes this book a great asset for students. The user-friendly language, colourful illustrations and coloured tabs help students connect to the commonly-used terms in the Singapore Science curriculum and make lasting impressions for building conversations around a topic. With the retention of knowledge made more achievable, the crystallized intelligence in a wide range of scientific vocabulary would make for better outcomes in a student's study of science.

Mother of a Primary 5 child
When I revise Science topics with my daughter, she at times is still confused with certain key concepts and key terms. I would make use of 'Dan's dynamic dictionary on Science' to help her understand better.
My daughter especially enjoys the pictures and would even emulate some of Dan's drawings to help herself clarify doubts.
Thank you Dan!