Dan’s Outreach

Since 2007, he has sold over 7000 copies of Dan’s Dynamic Dictionary on Science. Sponsorship and sales have allowed him to sustain his social entrepreneurship.

  • Cash donation to CARE Singapore
    (a member of National Council of Social Service)
  • 3000 copies of Dan’s Dynamic Dictionary have been donated to –

the following organisations in Singapore:

  • Ramakrishna Home for Boys.
  • Children Cancer Foundation.
  • Good Shepherd Student Care.
  • Melrose Home Children Aid Society.
  • Yayasan MENDAKI
  • Eurasian Association
  • Association of Muslim Professionals
  • CDAC- Chinese Development Assistance Council
  • SINDA- Singapore Indian Development Association

the following organisations Overseas:

  • CandleAid Lanka for Rural Libraries, Sri Lanka.
  • Myannmese Refugee Children's Learning Centres, Malaysia.
  • Dynamic Teen Company (DTC) for children in slum areas, Philippines.

Since 2009, Daniel Ng has been invited by Dr Noel K.H.Chia, an associate professor of the National Institute of Education Singapore, on numerous occasions as a guest speaker to share his personal experience and learning challenges with trainee teachers, M.Ed, counsellors, allied educators (Learning & Behavioural Support), and postgraduate (Special Education) students during his lectures.

The following is a list of Daniel Ng’s other accomplishments to date:

  • In 2008, awarded “Recognition of Invaluable Support” by Yayasan MENDAKI Mathematics and Science Carnival.
  • In 2008, awarded “Certificate of Appreciation” by the Science Department of Madrasah Al-Maarif Al-lslamiah.
  • In 2010, Launching of Dan’s Dynamic Dictionary on Science 2nd Edition, jointly organized by CENTRAL Singapore Community Development Council & National Library Board of Singapore.
  • In 2016, recipient of “Special Mention Award” by Singapore Computer Society.

Dan has generated keen interest in media and online